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We are a reliable and professional car service station in Espoo.
We offer a full range of high-quality car maintenance and repair services at a competitive price.
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The car’s air conditioning should be serviced at regular intervals of about 2-3 years. Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of the air conditioning compressor, which is the most important part of the air conditioning system. The key component for compressor operation is oil, as without adequate lubrication, the compressor can fail. In addition, moisture and other impurities accumulate in the air conditioning system during use. We service both conditioning systems: R134 and R1234yf. Air conditioning maintenance includes:
  • Recovery of old refrigerant
  • Dehumidification of the system
  • Vacuum test that reveals larger leaks
  • Refilling of new compressor oil, other toners and new refrigerants.

The brake system and chassis structures are the most important equipment for car's safety and runnability. All minor leaks, clearances and jams can have a damaging effect on car control in a critical situation. The brakes are the most important safety device in your car. Uneven or defective brakes not only affect the driving comfort but represent a safety risk. When dodging, the worn part of the chassis may not obey as desired or may react too late to the turn of the steering wheel. Poor and inefficient suspension and damping also impair the car's command. All chassis work, inspections and adjustments as well as replacement of parts are carried out in our workshop with professionalism and solid experience.

We will replace the bulbs of your vehicle while you wait and upon short notice. In our workshop you will find a wide range of bulbs for different makes and models of vehicles right off the shelf.

The timing belt is the most important belt in the engine. The timing belt is a toothed belt that rotates the camshaft. In addition, it most often rotates the water pump and revolves around the tensioner and guide rollers. All of these parts are important for engine operation. If any of these parts fail, there is a risk of the valves or engine cover breaking, which can result in major damage and costly repairs. Performing timely maintenance is therefore crucial to avoid major damage. We provide professional installation and high-quality original spare parts.

Clutch maintenance and clutch repairs should be done regularly to avoid costly repairs. We check the condition of the car's clutch and, if necessary, replace worn clutch plates and other parts. We perform manual and DSG gearbox and flywheel repairs for all vehicles smoothly and reliably.

Repair of DSG gearboxes, e.g. typical faults (reverse gear does not engage). Disassembly, repair and assembly of the gearbox with professional skills and high-quality spare parts.   Repair of DSG mechatronics starting from €750, warranty 1 year. Entire mechatronics replacement approx. €2 000, warranty 1 year.  Therefore mechatronics repair is a significantly economical option.

We will professionally repair electrical errors and problems in your vehicle. Our car electricians will find even most challenging electrical problems in your car. We have a comprehensive range of available tools for electrical diagnostics and electrical repairs. Moreover, our tool range is regularly updated to make work as smooth as possible and possible to do.

Car exhaust contains compounds harmful to the environment and to human health. The amount of emissions is controlled by mandatory measurements. Emission measurements are required by law for petrol and diesel vehicles. The results of the exhaust measurements show the condition of the engine and fuel consumption. The OBD measurement evaluates the car’s performance and any emission related errors based on data stored in the vehicle computer. The OBD test is a mandatory part of the inspection test for petrol powered cars manufactured in 2001 and later. Petrol powered cars under the age of 10 and diesel powered cars under the age of 5 are subject to an OBD diagnostics. Emission tests and OBD measurements may be performed prior to the inspection test and in conjunction with scheduled periodic or annual maintenance. The measurement certificate is valid for 3 months and is accepted at the inspection. We perform emission tests and OBD measurements quickly and reliably on petrol and diesel vehicles. If necessary, we will investigate the errors and repair your vehicle to meet the required emission limits.

Changing the engine oil is one of the most important maintenance services for your car. Engine oil ages and becomes dirty in use and loses its lubricating properties over time. Adding clean engine oil alone is not enough, and regular oil and oil filter replacements are very important to keep your car’s engine in good condition. When the engine is running, the oil accumulates, among other things, sulphur and other combustion waste from fuel combustion, as well as metal particles, which impair the lubricity of the oil and wear out the moving parts of the engine. Excessive oil change intervals lead to premature wear of moving engine parts, which can result in engine failure. The ideal oil replacement interval should be about 10 000 to 15 000 kilometres, or at least once a year.

We make exhaust pipe repairs and replacements for all car makes and models. We replace defective components in the exhaust system if they cannot be repaired, for example by welding. Minor repairs and part replacements are usually completed on a fast schedule. We perform washing and cleaning of DPF / particulate filters.

Over time the headlights degrade and get foggy and hazy resulting from road debris, stone chips, sand dust, dirt, and the heat generated by the bulbs. Cloudiness reduces the luminous flux of the headlights and can also affect the light distribution, which can be the cause for a repair call during car inspection. In addition to beauty flaw, hazy headlights can be a driving safety risk. Headlights polishing is a more cost-efficient option than acquiring new headlights. Ask for a quote.

A block heater is used to warm up a car’s engine prior to starting. Installing a block heater in the vehicle thus reduces engine wear and fuel consumption, and makes it easier to start the car cold, especially in cold climates and winter conditions. We install block heaters and indoor plugs. We use high-quality parts and car heating solutions by DEFA.

Legally the training pedal is the vehicle’s mandatory equipment for driving training. The vehicle does not need to be inspected separately for changes due to the pedal installation. A properly installed and functioning training pedal is a prerequisite for passing the driving test. (The recipient of the driving test always tests the functionality of the pedal before the driving test. The police can also test the function of the pedal during traffic control.) For safety reasons, we recommend installing a training pedal in a car workshop. The installation of the training pedal is done without drilling holes in the car, thus there will be no traces of the pedal installation. In addition to the pedal, the installation package for driving training includes an additional mirror, a teaching triangle and the removal of the training pedal.

The automatic transmission oil can be changed using different methods. The best results are achieved when the entire system is cleaned with a flush method and oils are changed 100%. When changing oil traditionally, about 50% of the old oil remains in the turbine, condenser and other parts of the transmission. The impurities can be washed out by rinsing the gearbox efficiently, so that the oil leftovers will not interfere with the operation of the gearbox. Dirty oil loses its viscosity and causes automatic gear problems such as gear changing too slowly or too fast, reacting rigidity, or making a loud noise. In addition, the car may rush forward or backward or stop when switching gear. During daily driving, reduced performance of the automatic gear may not be noticeable. Therefore, the transmission fluids should be changed regularly.

The purpose of scheduled periodic maintenance is to keep the car in working order during the service interval, as it provides savings to the car owner over time. We always inspect and service your car according to the maintenance schedule set by the car manufacturer, following strictly the manufacturer's instructions. We use original or high-quality branded spare parts as well as accessories and replacement parts for maintenance and repairs. We take care of periodic maintenance and repairs of all car makes and models. We provide you with a cost estimate and information about the condition of your car and the need for repairs.

Adjusting the steering angles is one of the most important procedures that affects the driving safety and tire wear. There are certain requirements for the car’s steering system. Any direction changes of the car must controllable, stability in curves and bends and steering feedback must be good, and steering must be self-recovering at all speeds. The quality requirements for the steering system also suggests that tire wear must be kept to a minimum. The functionality of the steering system is directly related to the adjustment of the car’s steering angles. This significantly improves the car's manoeuvrability and safety, saves fuel and reduces uneven tire wear.

In many modern cars the timing belt is replaced by a timing chain that can wear, degrade and stretch unexpectedly, causing the engine to break. We have a comprehensive range of special tools and experience in servicing and replacing the timing chain and other parts of the car’s timing system for different makes and models.

We carry out electrical repairs to the trailer. Other repairs can be agreed separately.

Troubleshooting with diagnostic equipment will quickly identify possible errors in your car and allow us to determine the need for corrective actions. We use modern and high-quality diagnostic equipment that can read and reset error codes, perform component diagnosis, read control values and parameters. The diagnostics also include detailed service programs for all makes of cars and service/maintenance recommendations provided by car manufacturers.

We take care of rust damage repairs and welding work on your car. Welding work may be required, for example, if holes are detected in the car body during the inspection. Our workshop uses state-of-the-art welding equipment. The trace of our work is clean and reliable.

We replace windshields quickly and reliably for all car makes. We only use high quality Pilkington windshields. In our workshop, you will get a 10-year guarantee for windshield replacement job. We also handle windshield replacements for the insurance cases. We perform windshield repairs upon short notice with professional skills and top-quality tools.