IVERA Autohuolto kattavat autohuolto- ja korjauspalvelut


Full range of high-quality car services in Espoo

Broad experience in the field

IVERA Car Service is a local car maintenance and service company founded in 2009 in Espoo. IVERA is a reliable full-service car service station. We offer comprehensive and high-quality car maintenance and repair services at a competitive price. We can handle extensive and most demanding repairs. We have special expertise with VAG Group cars in particular. Over the years we have gained significant experience servicing various car makes and models.

We service and repair all car makes reliably with professionalism and solid experience. Choose IVERA as your car service if you want the best for your car. Welcome to visit!

Skilful team

IVERA employs a professional and experienced team of 6 people. We are constantly upgrading our professional skills and diverse expertise in order to serve our customers efficiently and responsibly.

Professional team by IVERA Car Service.

Workshop space and extensive equipment

IVERA Car Service has a high ceiling workshop space of approx. 250 m2 and 5 crane spots. IVERA’s modern and comprehensive repair and maintenance equipment and tools are constantly updated.

IVERA Car Service offers a full range of high quality car repair services in Espoo


In our work we use original or equivalent high-quality spare parts by Fixus and high-quality fluids. We give our customers a full work guarantee: a work warranty of 24 months and spare parts warranty of 12 months.

Customer orientation

We take good care of our customers and provide quality service. The work is performed as agreed with the customer. We keep our customers up to date on exceptional situations and costs related to car repair. We also advise customers on other repair needs.

IVERA Car Service focuses on customer orientation.

Environmental responsibility

IVERA takes care of waste collection and environmentally friendly waste management.

Typically, repair and maintenance activities in a car workshop generate a lot of waste. As a responsible car service company, we take care of waste collection and the organization of environmentally friendly waste management. Our environmental management includes waste collection and sorting, recycling and proper treatment of hazardous waste.

Part of Fixus brand

IVERA is part of the Fixus chain and offers financing with Fixus Invoice.

We are part of the nationwide Fixus chain.

The customer has the opportunity to pay for the maintenance and repair of their car with Fixus Invoice. Available payment options are invoice or flexible instalment payments.

For more information, visit the service provider’s website: https://www.innovoice.fi/fixus.

Good location

IVERA is easy to find. We are located in an excellent spot with good transportation connections in the Kiviruukki industrial area near Länsiväylä. We are situated close to Saunalahti and Tillinmäki in Espoo.

IVERA Car Service provides a full range of car maintenance and repair services in Espoo.